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Renovating your home can be a great way to transform the space either for your own enjoyment or to increase the resale value of the property, or both. But, whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or revamping your whole house, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Follow the tips below to avoid disaster and disappointment.

  1. Don’t Over-Spend

Renovations are expensive, so be sure to create a comprehensive budget. If you’re using a builder be sure to get an accurate quote, and if not seek the help of a financial planner.

  1. Talk to the Experts

Get expert advice from builders and local council on best practices and getting planning approval for DIY jobs. For large renovations you should engage professional builders.

  1. Why Are You Renovating?

The overall goal of your renovation will affect the details. Creating your dream home? Then express your personality and use premium materials. Renovating to sell? Then a generically appealing style and mid-range materials should suffice.

  1. Timing Is Everything

Minimise extra work by planning the steps of your renovation logically. For example, don’t put in a beautiful new floor if you are planning to re-plaster the roof!

  1. Prepare for Disruption

Depending on the scale of your renovation and what room it’s in, your house may become difficult to live in or even close to uninhabitable. Think about the reality of living alongside the work and decide whether you need to plan alternative accommodation.