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Don’t Get Burned by Hidden Costs

When building a new home, you need to know where every dollar is going so you can create a realistic budget and keep costs under control. At Bundesen Family Builders we provide detailed and comprehensive up-front quotes so you won’t have to deal with unpleasant surprises – but not every builder is so conscientious!

Hidden Costs Ruin Plans

Hidden costs can stall your project or put you in debt! Avoid the financial and emotional strain by making sure these oft-hidden costs are included in your quote:

  •    Costs necessary for a functional building site, such as temporary fencing, on-site toilets, erosion control measures, and so on.
  •    Site preparation can include costly operations like excavation, bulldozing, and clearing foliage. Even when site prep is included in your quote, be sure it’s based on analysis of the actual site and not just a generic figure.
  •    Building approval fees that must be paid to your local council and vary widely depending on the details of your build and site.
  •    Structural costs – the price of the materials for your house – should be included. If accurate estimates are difficult so early in the process, be sure your builder is estimating high rather than low.
  •    The little things like door handles, bathrooms mirrors, and taps are often left out of quotes. Create an inclusions schedule to make sure your builder includes these smaller items – they add up!

Choose Trustworthy Builders

If the builders you are considering have left out multiple costs from a quote, they may not be entirely trustworthy. Consider switching to a builder that guarantees accurate up-front quotes.