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7 Signs You’ve Picked a Great Builder

It’s important to realise that not all builders are created equal, and that choosing a sub-par contractor to build your home will cost you in the long run. Only work with building firms that meets the standards outlined in this article, even if it costs you a little more up-front – we’re talking about your home, after all.

What Makes a Great Builder?
The qualities that make a great builder are deep knowledge of the field, experience, integrity, commitment, and professionalism. But you can’t just ask a builder or firm if they have these qualities – of course they’ll say yes – you need to look for the evidence. Here are the key things to look for when comparing your options:

Signs of Quality
1. Experience and reputation – has you builder been in the game a long time? That’s a good sign, but only if paired with a great reputation. By the same token, a newer firm might be a good option if they’re getting stellar reviews.
2. Nothing to hide – a good builder won’t just tell you they’re great, they’ll show you with examples of past work, testimonials, and reviews.
3. Liability and worker’s compensation insurance are a must – make your build a no-cowboys zone!
4. Accurate, up-front, and guaranteed quotes are a must.
5. Builders who know their work is of a high standard will offer generous warranties.
6. Service comes first – a building firm that’s serious about their work will be serious about looking after their customers.
7. A great team with a solid network of staff, subcontractors and suppliers