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Tip for First Home Buyers

Whether you’re buying your first home or building from scratch, it’s not something you should rush into. With the cost of houses, you can’t afford buyer’s remorse!

The following checklists will help you make sure you’re prepared before signing on the dotted line or breaking ground on your build site.

Before Buying

Before buying a property make sure you do the following:

  •    Don’t settle for less – know just what you want and keep looking until you find it. Of course, you may never find absolute perfection, but make sure that the house you purchase at least meets your most essential criteria.
  •    Don’t stop at one inspection – look at any home you are considering seriously multiple times. This will allow you to get an overview of the house and zero in on potential problem areas.
  •    Look at the floor plan – this will give you a more accurate sense of the house’s dimensions than a walk-through can.

Before Buying or Building

Whether buying or building, be sure to:

  •    Make a realistic budget and stick to it – don’t let outside pressure or overexcitement leave you broke.
  •    Choose a location that you love, because you’ll be living there – consider transport, schools, parks and shops, and quality of neighbours.
  •    Don’t ignore orientation – which rooms get sunlight at which times can greatly affect your quality of life.

Before Building

If you’re building a new home, don’t forget these tips:

  •    Lock in the plan for your house before start – mid-build changes will blow your budget right out.

Spend time choosing the right builder – research them thoroughly and talk to past customers, if possible.